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Hello, this is my new Simblr! I plan to upload my own creations soon. Ciao.

Under construction

I’m still alive. Miss you guys!!!

I’m still alive. Miss you guys!!!

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Selfie Sunday. As always, iPhone quality.

Selfie Sunday. As always, iPhone quality.

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ohmysim asked
Name 5 random facts about yourself then pass this on to 5 of your favorite blogs.

jfdklasjflda, I love you so much!!! <333333

Hmmmm… I like to go hiking. I eat super healthy. Blueberry crisp clif bars is like crack to me, I’m obsessed with them. Music is my life. I’m probably a hippy.

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I forgot how to simblr.


I forgot how to simblr.

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I am back from the dead!

I’m super excited to be back! I have missed so many awesome posts and missed all of my friends as well!!! Expect posts soon. I need to find all of the amazing cc I missed.

Anonymous asked
Where did you go??? D:

I needed to step away from the community for a little bit. Personal reasons, but I do plan to start posting again sometime in the near future. I have been extremely busy. ;( I’m sorry for the sudden disappearance. <3

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Anonymous asked
Hi I just got the sims 3 and I have so many questions. How do you take such amazing pictures? Can you use the HQ mod for regular gameplay or what is it exactly for? Once you download and install cc can you delete the downloaded file? How can you use more than one facial accessory at once? How do you take photos in CAS and game? How do you make your sims have elf ears? Sorry to be so annoying lol.

Hi! You’re not annoying at all. Everyone begins somewhere. <3 Below the cut is my very loooooooooong reply.

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Update: For those that are concerned

I still don’t feel 100%. I will open my game once I feel able. Sorry for the lack of posts. I miss all of you. <33

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most perfect human!
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